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Our Steel vacuum cleaner

Discover the power and versatility of the Achaté Stick Vacuum Cleaner . With its advanced features and user-friendly design, this vacuum cleaner makes cleaning easy and efficient.

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Simple and flexible

With intuitive controls, a lightweight design and a compact form factor, this cleaner offers an effortless cleaning experience.

Powerful suction

Stubborn dirt, liquids and residue are effortlessly vacuumed up, leaving your surfaces not only spotlessly clean, but also free of moisture and dirt.

Two water tanks

The powerful spot cleaner is equipped with two water tanks. One water tank has clean water and the other is to store the dirty water. This way you can easily throw away the dirty water after use.

Deep Cleansing

Pamper yourself with the powerful Steam Cleaner from Achaté for an effortlessly clean and safe living environment!

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Pulito e fresco

Remove stubborn stains and freshen your home with the Clean and Fresh Stain Cleaner, your ultimate cleaning solution.

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