Achaté's vision on sustainability

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At Achaté we believe that sustainability is not just a goal, but a journey that we are all part of. As suppliers of cleaning products, we feel a special responsibility to contribute to a cleaner world. That is why we are already taking our first step in the field of sustainability and there will only be more.

We are happy to announce that we have already planted 215 trees around the world to offset our company's carbon emissions. This move highlights our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint so we can continue to provide our high-quality cleaning products .

Our commitment to sustainability is not just limited to offsetting our emissions. We are also exploring other ways we can make our business more environmentally friendly. Whether it's reducing packaging waste, using biodegradable products and more, we continue to look for ways to make a positive impact.

Join our mission towards a greener future. With Achaté's cleaning products you not only clean your house, but you also contribute to a cleaner world. Let's strive together for a world where cleaning means leaving the planet a little cleaner for future generations and with the thought of what sustainability means for everyone. What does sustainability mean to you?

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