Discover the Magic of Holidays with Achaté Children's Tablets: Tips for Parents

Ontdek de Magie van Vakantie met Achaté Kindertablets: Tips voor Ouders

At Achaté we understand the importance of a balanced holiday experience, where fun and education go hand in hand. In this blog post we would like to inspire parents and provide them with valuable tips on how to integrate Achaté children's tablets into different holiday situations. Whether it's road trips, time at the beach, or adventures in the mountains, we've got suggestions for educational apps, interactive stories, and creative projects that let kids explore in a fun and educational way.

Achaté Kids: A Safe Environment with Educational Games
As a parent, you want to make sure that your children do not encounter inappropriate content on their tablet. With the Achaté Kids app, parents have full control over their children's digital experience. This app provides a safe environment with educational games and educational content specially designed for children of different ages. In addition, Achaté's children's tablets are equipped with advanced features such as a time limit, content filter and child lock, allowing parents to manage screen time and access to content. In addition, the tablets are kids and splash proof, making them resistant to the adventurous and playful nature of children.

Full Control via the Achaté Kids app
When purchasing a children's tablet, it is important to maintain control over what your children can do and experience. With the Achaté Kids app you have everything under control. This app allows parents to manage access of specific accounts. Here are some useful features you can set:

  • Screen time: Set the maximum screen time so that your children have a balanced digital experience and also spend time on other activities.
  • Allowed applications: Choose which applications your children can use on their tablet. With a selection of educational apps, they can learn through play and stimulate their curiosity.
  • Download settings: Determine whether your children can download games themselves or not. This helps direct their digital experience and prevent them from encountering inappropriate content.

With the "kids mode" on the tablet, which cannot be closed, parents can give their children their own children's tablet with peace of mind. So they can safely enjoy educational content and fun games, perfect for holiday situations.

During Car Trips:
Long car rides can be challenging, especially when kids get bored. With Achaté's children's tablets, parents can make the travel experience more interesting. Here are some suggestions:

  • Choose educational apps that can help kids with math, language skills, or problem solving.
  • Listen to audiobooks or interactive stories that spark children's imaginations.
  • Play educational games together that stimulate children's cognitive skills and memory.

On the beach:
A day at the beach offers countless opportunities for fun and discovery. Here are a few ideas for integrating Achaté's children's tablets:

  • Look for educational apps that introduce children to the underwater world, the flora and fauna of the coast or the principles of the tides.
  • Encourage kids to take their own digital photos and create creative projects using drawing or photo editing apps.
  • Discover interactive stories that take place on the beach or teach children about the natural processes that take place on the shoreline.

In the mountains:
An adventure in the mountains offers a wonderful opportunity to explore the natural environment. Here are some tips for Achaté children's tablets in nature:

  • Choose educational apps that teach kids about mountains, wildlife, or geography.
  • Encourage children to create their own digital nature journals and record their observations using drawing or writing apps.
  • Explore interactive stories set in the mountains or involving children in protecting the environment.

At Achaté we believe that holidays can be not only fun, but also educational. By integrating Achaté's children's tablets into different holiday situations, parents can stimulate their children's curiosity and creativity. With the built-in safety and durability features of the Achaté children's tablets, parents can rest assured that their children enjoy a digital experience during the holidays. Enjoy the magic of holidays with Achaté children's tablets!

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