Simplify Housekeeping with 3D and AI

Het Huishouden Vergemakkelijken met 3D en AI

At Achaté we believe that an organized and clean household is the basis for a stress-free life. Our mission is simple but powerful: we want to make our customers' lives easier by integrating innovative technologies such as 3D and AI into the household products we offer.

A Wide Range for an Organized Household

Our range includes a variety of products specially designed to improve different aspects of the household. From our powerful steam cleaners and stain removers to the handy Kids Tablets that combine education and entertainment, we strive to provide our customers with high-quality solutions for their daily needs.

Steam Cleaners : Our Achaté Steam Cleaners are designed to thoroughly clean your home using the power of steam. With 3D visualization, we've made sure you can explore every detail of our steam cleaners before you buy one. This helps you make a well-considered choice.

Stain cleaners : For those inevitable stains and spills, we have Achaté Stain cleaners that can tackle even the stubborn stains. Our support team is always ready to answer any questions and guide you in finding the right stain cleaner for your needs.

Kids Tablets: We understand how important it is to offer children a healthy balance between screen use and outdoor play. Our Kids Tablets, such as the Kids Tab 2 , and soon the Kids Tab 3 , are specially designed to combine education and entertainment. Through 3D visualization, we want to help parents understand the features and benefits of our tablets, while our support team supports them every step of the way.

The Use of 3D and AI in Our Mission

At Achaté we take 3D and AI seriously. We use 3D visualization to present our products in detail, so our customers know exactly what to expect before making a purchase.

Our goal is to improve our customers' experience, whether they are looking for the best way to keep their home clean, entertain and educate their children, or simply ask for advice about our products.

Achaté's Devotion to Your Household

At Achaté we understand that an organized household is the key to peace of mind. Our mission is to support you in achieving that goal by providing high-quality home products and using innovative technologies such as 3D and AI to help you make informed decisions.

Whether you're looking for an effective way to remove stains, deep clean your home, or provide your children with educational and fun content, Achaté has you covered. We continue to innovate and improve to meet the needs of your household and make everyday life a little easier.

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