Cleaning: practical tips for beginners

Schoonmaken: praktische tips voor beginners

Hello to all beginner households! The new year has begun, and it's the perfect time to improve your cleaning routine, especially if you're new to independent living. Here are simple steps for a clean and organized home in January.

Week 1: What are the basics of tidying up?

Start by learning the basics of tidying up. Discover how to declutter efficiently and organize small spaces such as the hallway or a closet. A tidy space ensures a tidy mind.

Week 2: What are Essential Cleaning Supplies for Beginners?

Discover the must-have cleaning supplies for beginners. From our Achaté Stain Cleaner Spray to our Achaté Steam Cleaner, these products will provide effective cleaning in your home!

Week 3: What is the Importance of Regular Maintenance?

Learn why regular maintenance is essential for a clean home. Develop a simple maintenance schedule for daily, weekly and monthly tasks. This way you can keep your house tidy without requiring enormous effort.

Week 4: What is a good Cleaning Ritual?

Make cleaning a ritual instead of a burden. Find out how to develop positive habits around cleaning, making it an enjoyable and regular activity rather than a tedious task.

These simple steps and Achaté cleaning supplies will keep your home organized and clean!

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