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Wordt klant van de maand bij Achaté


At Achaté, the customer comes first. We believe in sharing positive experiences and honoring the people who make our products part of their lives. That's why we're excited to introduce our Customer of the Month program, a special way to show our appreciation for you, our amazing customer!

How do you become Customer of the Month ?

It is easy! As the proud owner of an Achaté product, you can participate in the Customer of the Month program by sending us a photo of you with your favorite Achaté product. Whether you're enjoying a smile with our Kids Tablet, experiencing the convenience of our Stain Cleaner, or using the magic of our Steam Cleaner, we want to see you in action!

What are the advantages?

It's not just the happy moments you share, but the rewards that follow! If you are selected as Customer of the Month, we will post your photo on our website and proudly share it on our social media channels. This means that your smile and your story reach the world, and you become our famous star for a whole month!

But that is not everything!

We understand that sharing your experience with us requires a special effort on your part. That's why we really appreciate your participation. As an extra token of appreciation, you get the chance to earn back the purchase price of your Achaté product in full when you are chosen as customer of the month. It is our way of thanking you for sharing your satisfaction and rewarding your trust in Achaté.

How do you participate?

Participating is easy. Send us your photo with your Achaté product to Tell us why you love our product, how it has improved your life or created a special moment. We look forward to reading and sharing your story.

Be The Star of Achaté:

Our Customer of the Month program is your chance to shine in the spotlight and express your appreciation for Achaté. Not only do we want to make your household easier, but we also want to share your achievements and happy moments with the world. We look forward to receiving your photos and stories and honoring you as our next customer of the month!

With Gratitude,

The Achate Team

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