A fresh start to the year

Een frisse start van het jaar

Hello, new year, hello fresh start! January is the perfect month to clean your house with renewed energy and make a fresh start. Let's explore together how Achaté cleaning products can help you create a clean and refreshing environment.

1. Stain remover: The beginning of a spotless house?

Start the year with the powerful Achaté Stain Remover. Whether it concerns carpet, sofa or floor, this cleaner provides intensive and deep cleaning. The cleaner is easy to maneuver throughout the house and simple to use.

2. Stain Remover Spray: A fresh start for textile refreshment?

For a fresh start in cleaning textiles, choose the Achaté Stain Remover Spray. With powerful stain removal and a refreshing lavender scent, it not only provides deep cleaning but also a pleasant scent. Suitable for a variety of surfaces, it is the ideal choice for new beginnings.

3. Steam cleaner: The ultimate freshness for the whole house?

Fill your home with ultimate freshness with the Achaté Steam Cleaner. With high pressure and multi-surface suitability, it is the perfect companion for a clean home. The cleaner is light, flexible and easy to operate, guaranteeing a spotless home to start the year.

With Achaté cleaning products you can make a fresh start to the year and create a clean environment, so that you can enjoy a feeling of freshness and cleanliness all year round.

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