Become a Shining Achaté Star: Discover the Benefits and Earning Opportunities!

Word een Stralende Achaté Ster: Ontdek de Voordelen en Verdienkansen!


At Achaté, we believe that our customers are our greatest ambassadors. You share our passion for unique products and the best customer experience. To show our appreciation and involve our customers in our success, we are proud to introduce our Achaté Ster loyalty program! As an Achaté Ster you can not only enjoy exclusive benefits, but you also get the chance to share your favorite products with others and even earn commission. Read on to find out how to become a shining Achaté Star!

How do you become an Achaté Star?

It's very easy to become an Achaté Star! Register via our website and receive your personal discount code. With this code you can not only enjoy a discount on our products, but you can also let your friends, family and followers benefit from the same great offers.

Promote Achaté on Social Media:

As an Achaté Ster, we encourage you to share your favorite products on your social media channels. Use the hashtags #Achate and #Achateshop to highlight your posts and share your experiences. Your authentic recommendations will help others discover us and enjoy the wonderful products we offer.

Earn Commission on Products Sold:

But that's not all! As an Achaté Ster, when your friends, family or followers buy a product with your personal discount code, you will not only receive gratitude but also 10% commission on the product sold through you! It's a great way to inspire others and earn some extra money at the same time. In addition, every person who uses your code will also receive a 5% discount.

Exclusive Benefits for Achaté Stars:

As a valued Achaté Star, you will have access to exclusive benefits designed just for you. Be the first to receive updates on new product launches and special offers. We want you to be part of our Achaté family and to be treated like first class.

Share your Passion and Shine like Achaté Star:

At Achaté, we strive to build a community of passionate people who love unique products and appreciate the best customer experience. As an Achaté Ster you can share your passion, inspire others and even earn some extra money. We encourage you to share your favorite Achaté products and become part of our growing Achaté family.

Sign up as an Achaté Star today and start shining! Together we build a bright future for Achaté!

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Het lijkt ons na super uitleg op jullie website een Superhandige stoomreiniger makkelijk in gebruik geen gezeur met emmers en water op je laminaat. Ik ben zeer benieuwd na jullie product en zou het dan iedereen aanraden ook.

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