The Cleaning Formula: cleaning with the right products

De Schoonmaakformule: schoonmaken met de juiste producten

Welcome to Achaté, where we demonstrate the power of specialized cleaning products . Dive with us into the world of cleaning products for specific purposes and discover how you can clean specifically with our powerful solutions.

Do you suffer from stubborn stains in the carpet, sofa or floor? Or do you just need a tough clean? The Achaté Stain Cleaner is your answer. With intensive and deep cleaning, it is suitable for multiple surfaces, making it the perfect choice for specific stain problems.

Specific stains on textiles? Our Stain Cleaner Spray provides powerful stain removal and a refreshing lavender scent. Suitable for various surfaces, it is the ideal solution for textile cleaning needs.

Do you want a specific approach for various surfaces? The Achaté Steam Cleaner is your reliable choice. With high pressure and multi-surface suitability, it provides specialized cleaning for a clean and safe home.

Discover the power of cleaning products and achieve specific cleaning goals with Achaté products.

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