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handige tipsZo maak je je huis klaar voor Eid al-Fitr - Eid Mubarak!

This is how you prepare your house for Eid-Mubarak!

Prepare your home for Eid-al-Fitr with these 7 essential steps and useful tips for cleaning and maintaining your home.

Balanceren tussen Werk en GezinBalanceren tussen werk en gezin

Balancing between work and family

In this blog, we discover strategies for efficient cleaning while balancing work and family life. From creating realistic cleaning schedules to dividing tasks within the family, minimizing clutter,...

Achaté Vlekkenreiniger nu ook Verkrijgbaar bij Albert Heijn!

Achaté Stain Cleaner now also available at Albert Heijn!

Great news for all households! The Achaté spot cleaner is now also available at Albert Heijn. Albert Heijn has been a well-known name in Dutch households for many years because of its extensive ran...

De Ultieme Gids voor Vlekken verwijderaars voor Autostoelen

The Ultimate Guide to Car Seat Stain Removers

If you regularly travel with children, pets, or just a lot of passengers in your car, you know that keeping your car seats stain-free can be a challenge. It seems like there is always something sp...

Samen Schoonmaken: de geheime kracht achter ...

Cleaning Together: The Art of Collaborative Cleaning

As the morning sun casts its rays through the curtains on a day off, we can look forward to a day filled with possibilities. Why not seize that extra time to let our homes shine again? Cleaning tog...

Extra dag, extra schoon

Extra Day, Extra Clean

In the rhythm of our calendar, the leap year is a rare treat, an extra day added to our usual year. It is a day that deserves to be celebrated, a day that we can fill with special experiences and ...