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Achaté Kids Tab 1: The Perfect Tablet for Young Explorers

Achaté Kids Tab 1: De Perfecte Tablet voor Jonge Ontdekkers


At Achaté, we understand the importance of providing children with a safe and fun digital experience. That's why we're proud to introduce our Kids Tab 1 - a specially designed tablet tailored to the needs of young explorers. With a range of child-friendly features and a sturdy housing, the Kids Tab 1 is the ideal companion for children during holidays, long car journeys and even when dining out. Let's take a look at all the great features this tablet offers!

Colors and Sturdy Cover:

The Kids Tab 1 comes in two vibrant colors - pink and blue. The device is equipped with a sturdy cover that ensures that the tablet is resistant to bumps and falls. So parents can rest assured that the tablet can handle an adventurous lifestyle of children.

Time Limit and Child Lock:

Parents can easily manage their children's screen time thanks to the built-in time limit. Once the time limit is reached, the tablet automatically goes into sleep mode and can only be unlocked with a personal code that parents can set themselves. It allows parents to manage tablet usage and ensure a balanced digital experience.

Content filter:

With the content filter, parents can control exactly which websites and content their children can view. This ensures a safe online environment where children can only explore appropriate content.

Educational Achaté App:

The Kids Tab 1 comes with a special Achaté app full of fun and educational games and child-friendly videos. Children can learn through play and stimulate their curiosity while playing with this educational app.

Beautiful Screen and Camera:

The Kids Tab 1 has an 8-inch screen with a wide viewing angle of 178° and a FHD display of 1080P. This ensures a clear and vibrant viewing experience. In addition, the tablet has an 8-megapixel camera that allows children to take fun photos and express their creativity. For more specifications, see

Operating System and Pre-Installed Apps:

The Kids Tab 1 comes with the Android 12 operating system, which ensures a smooth and user-friendly experience. Pre-installed apps such as Netflix, Youtube, Disney +, Zappelin and Scuola offer a wide range of entertainment options. Parents can also download other apps from the Google Play Store.

Splash-proof and 100% Kidsproof:

The Kids Tab 1 is splash resistant and designed to withstand the hustle and bustle of kids' adventures. With its sturdy construction and durability, the tablet is 100% kids proof. In addition, the cover of the tablet is also available separately!


The Achaté Kids Tab 1 is a worthwhile investment for parents looking for a safe, educational and fun digital experience for their children. With a time limit, child lock, content filter and pre-installed educational apps, this tablet ensures that children can enjoy digital technology in a responsible way. Whether for holidays, long car journeys or cozy outings, the Kids Tab 1 is the perfect companion for young explorers. Give your children the chance to learn, create and play with the Achaté Kids Tab 1!

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